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a premium western Colorado

 hunting experience

Gambell's Quail Riverbottom Ranch


Gambell's Quail Riverbottom Ranch


Gambell's Quail Riverbottom Ranch


Gambell's Quail Riverbottom Ranch


Gambell's Quail Riverbottom Ranch


Gambell's Quail Riverbottom Ranch



Enjoy a 3-minute aerial tour of some of our prime Colorado hunting grounds.


2000+ acres of big game, predator, and wing shooting.

Contact us, let's get your next hunting adventure on the books.

7t Outfitters trophy gallery

Your Ideal western Colorado Hunting Experience 

7T Outfitters has access to more than 2,000 private acres of ideal Western Colorado hunting habitat.

7T Outfitters is home to some of the most beautiful Western Colorado hunting you’ll ever see, from high desert, rimrock country all the way down to the Colorado River. These different terrain options allow you to fully customize your adventure.

7T has many amenities to sweeten your experience. Guides, lodging, camping and transportation are just to name a few. It is also very important to us to have programs for youth, disabled, law enforcement and women only.


We offer the following categories of hunts: Wing Shooting, Elk, Mule Deer, Wild Turkey, and Predator

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